Nurse practitioners provide win-win experiences for patients and physicians

When scheduling an appointment to see a doctor, patients are often asked if they’d like to see a nurse practitioner. Edinger Medical Group wants their patients to know the answer should be a resounding “yes, please!”

At Edinger, patients can feel comfortable knowing they will always receive high standard of care as they would from Edinger physicians. That’s because the nurse practitioners at Edinger are highly educated, experienced, and work in tandem with Edinger’s physicians to provide seamless continuity of care.

Dr. Betty Yu, M.D.

“Nurse practitioners are a great addition to our practice and a valuable asset. They are part of our team,” said Dr. Betty Yu, M.D., a family medicine physician at Edinger.

Equal quality of care

A Nurse Practitioner (NP) is an Advanced Practice Registered Nurse (APRN) that has earned either a Master’s of Science in Nursing (MSN) or a Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP). All NPs have advanced clinical training beyond their initial professional registered nurse (RN) preparation. They hold national board certification and are licensed by the state. To be recognized as expert health care providers and ensure the highest quality of care, NPs undergo rigorous national certification, periodic peer review, clinical outcome evaluations and adhere to a code for ethical practices. Most NPs in the United States serve as primary care providers.

Importantly, Edinger’s nurse practitioners provide equal quality of care that can be expected from physicians.

Nurse practitioners can assess, diagnose and treat acute and chronic illnesses. The responsibilities of a nurse practitioner can include diagnosing, ordering diagnostic tests such as X-rays, MRIs and blood tests, performing physical exams, prescribing medicines and developing individualized patient treatment plans.

Patients benefit from better access, more time with the nurse practitioner and greater flexibility in scheduling appointments. When not providing patient care, NPs communicate with patients to review test results, respond to phone and portal messages.

“They really are there for us,” Dr. Yu said. “They help increase our quality of life, as well. Without nurse practitioners, our schedules are so booked, and burnout is something that’s happening with primary care physicians.”

Building relationships

Rebecca Seo, FNP-BC

Nurse practitioners use an evidence-based practice approach, which is using research findings and scientific knowledge in clinical practice for each individual patient.

“We focus on disease prevention, health promotion as well as providing care for any urgent needs of the patients. As a primary care provider, we see patients annually for their physicals and for any medical need that happens in between,” said Rebecca Seo, FNP-BC, MS- board-certified family nurse practitioner at Edinger.

Seo said she has her own panel of patients who see her annually.

Seo noted that the nurse practitioners at Edinger have worked in other various health care settings before joining Edinger. “I have had the privilege of taking care of critically ill patients in the hospital setting, as well as patients in home health and long-term care facilities. These past clinical experiences along with evidence-based practice have shaped to provide high standard of care and better outcome for patients at Edinger.”

Nurse practitioners take their relationships with their patients seriously, Seo said. “We want to continue to see that patient, to keep them healthy and provide the best quality of care he or she needs.

Patient-focused programs

Edinger is proud of the programs its nurse practitioners have initiated, including a wound therapy program and a congestive heart failure program that aims to prevent rehospitalization or readmissions for congestive heart patients.

For more information or to schedule an appointment with a nurse practitioner, call 714-965-2500 or visit




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Leaving Their Legacies on Inclusive Holiday Eats

Disney Festival of Holidays returns to Disney California Adventure park this holiday season, and with it, the tastes of cherished celebrations from around the world — along with some personal inspiration from the Disney chefs who created the menus.

“Cooking brings people together,” said Chef Luis Madrigal, whose memories of cooking family favorites carne asada, carnitas and birria at home influenced his Esquites Carnitas Mac & Cheese dish being served at the Festival Foods Marketplace. “I think, how can I do that in the kitchen where I work now? How do I bring that to Disneyland?”

During the festival, which runs through Jan. 9, guests can enjoy music, dancing, entertainment and, yes, the tastes, of the joyous celebrations of holidays like Christmas, Hanukkah, Diwali, Kwanzaa and Three Kings’ Day. Chef Luis and the entire Festival Foods team have worked tirelessly to bring the flavors of these holidays to the celebration, honoring classic recipes while trying out some tasty twists. This year, the celebration extends to festival-inspired treats at select restaurants, carts and kiosks throughout the park.


  • CHEF MO CARRANZA - Arepa Encantada ...

    CHEF MO CARRANZA – Arepa Encantada

    “I come in every day with the same energy I had [when] I started my career back in ’81. I love this company, and that’s why I’m here.”

  • ELENA ARANDA – Food and Beverage Steward, Festival Beverages

    “Being a part of this team has allowed me to experience all of the
    creative possibilities in food and beverage that the Disneyland Resort
    has to offer and how impactful it can be on our guests’ experience.”

  • CHEF LUIS MADRIGAL – Esquites Carnitas Mac & Cheese

    “That’s what keeps you motivated… seeing somebody’s
    reaction to something you created. Somebody loving what you’re doing… That’s the best feeling.”

    Reimagined Beef Brisket Wellington

    “We have a lot of different cultures and backgrounds…I’ve learned so many different things. It keeps us as more of a family-oriented unit.
    You know we care for each other … I want to share our stories.”



Many of the holiday tastes and spirited libations have been inspired by Disney chefs’ unique stories, whether from a dad’s experiments deep frying turkey on Thanksgiving or a desire to help warm the hearts of those who can’t be home for the holidays.

But chefs don’t just draw inspiration from memories of home and their cultures, upbringings and traditions; they find it working together in the kitchen.

“That’s what keeps me going every day — my brothers and sisters in the kitchen,” said food prep cast member Andrew Zibble. “I mean the cooking’s great, but it’s more the family part of the kitchen aspect that I love about it and keeps me going.”

The introduction of the Inclusion Key — the most recent addition to the five keys used by cast members to guide the guest service they provide — has also solidified the chefs’ passions for bringing their backgrounds and heritage to the kitchen.

“Honestly, when they announced the Inclusion Key, I was like, you know what? We already do this,” said Chef Nick Carter. “We’re putting a name to something that’s already a part of the culture of our kitchen. We have a very diverse group; there’s a hundred of us that work in there sometimes. When we’re collectively making food, we decide together; it’s not just one person.”





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Ride Out Supply Chain Issues and Inflation with the Right Technology

After nearly two years of closures and other Covid-19 related restrictions, business owners are now grappling with the twin challenges of inflation and the current supply chain crisis. Shipments are delayed, labor is scarce and every sector imaginable is experiencing product shortages. This has inflated prices, forcing businesses to reevaluate their operating budgets.

Thankfully, there are many technology options now available that can help business owners ride out these supply chain issues while streamlining costs. They all fall under the very broad, rapidly developing category of managed cloud services.

What are managed cloud services?

Simply put, managed cloud services allow businesses of any size to easily manage their data and IT infrastructure and have access to everything they’d normally have on an onsite work computer no matter where they are—working from home, on the go or at the office.

By moving all their data and technology operations to the cloud, and having an outside partner manage all these systems for them, businesses no longer need to invest in physical data centers, or even on-site IT staff. Businesses that don’t need to rely on as many physical products for their IT needs can weather far more fluctuations in the supply of plastic and semiconductor chips, for example. They also don’t need to hire additional staff to service an IT network that’s physically based in one space, which allows them the room in their budget to focus on attracting and retaining the experts they need—even as prices and wages continue to rise. 

Here are a few of the top managed cloud service products that businesses of any size should consider investing in. 

  1. Desktop as a Service (DaaS). Are your company computers dated and in need of serious upgrades, or has an employee lost or damaged a laptop? No need to worry about being able to buy new ones and replace them in time with DaaS services, like Cox Business Cloud Desktop services, which allow you to access all of the information and apps on your work desktop, with the same look and feel, from any device with an Internet connection.
  2. Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). Owning your own IT infrastructure, such as servers, is risky, and requires a lot of time, money and labor to maintain as your company grows. However, outsourcing your IT to a cloud environment allows you to keep things running smoothly without the physical equipment to maintain and risk to absorb. Cox Business Managed Infrastructure solutions offer strong Level IV security, including exterior security and biometrics scanning systems, and on-demand cloud capacity with enterprise-grade infrastructure.
  3. Backup as a Service (BaaS). It’s crucial to backup your business’ data regularly. However, physical backups are time-consuming and expensive, especially when both labor and technology parts are scarce. Backup as a Service products, however, save costs by putting all your data in the cloud, making everything easily manageable in one place, and include advanced security features. Cox Business Cloud Backup solutions allows you to seamlessly back your data up to the cloud, while keeping your information safe and accessible virtually anytime, anywhere. 

Services that help you store, access, and backup your data in the cloud, without relying on physical IT infrastructure, can save you time and money—giving you more purchasing power and freeing you from dependence on at least a few links in the supply chain, so you can focus on what matters most to your business. 

To learn more about Cox Business solutions, visit: 

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Disneyland Resort Announces Next Ambassador Team

Disneyland Resort President Ken Potrock recently announced the next Disneyland Resort Ambassador team: Mark Everett King Jr. and Nataly Guzman. These two cast members will continue the tradition started when Walt Disney selected Julie Reihm as the first Disneyland Ambassador in 1965. Mark and Nataly will represent thousands of cast members as they bring the magic of the Disneyland Resort to the community and beyond as emissaries of goodwill.

“Heartfelt congratulations to Mark and Nataly,” said Ken. “I am thrilled to welcome our amazing new Ambassadors, who will take on the role of a lifetime representing our cast and bringing Disney magic to our community. I look forward to spending time with Mark and Nataly as we roll out the many exciting things coming to the Disneyland Resort over the next two years.”

As Disney Ambassadors, Mark and Nataly will make magic alongside their fellow cast members, leading and participating in events, sharing cast member stories through social media and representing the resort in media interviews and community events — to name a few of the opportunities they will have during their term.

Currently, Nataly works in Guest Relations and is a VIP hostess. In 2010, she started her Disneyland Resort career at the World of Disney store in Downtown Disney District. She has also been a facilitator for Disney University and Traditions, an orientation class for new cast members. She enjoys photography, drawing and painting and is a big fan of all things Star Wars.

“I’m overwhelmed and honored,” Nataly said. “Being a representative of all of the cast members — that alone is such an honor.”

Mark is currently a stage manager in Disney California Adventure park attractions. He started his Disneyland Resort career in 2013 in Food and Beverage, was a test and adjust project lead in Avengers Campus and is a facilitator for Step into the Magic, a workshop for new cast members. He volunteers in youth mentorship programs and his hobbies include fashion, fitness and, of course, going to theme parks.

“I think that the past two years and everything that’s been going on in the world just showed me that I love our cast,” Mark said prior to the announcement. “They deserve to be highlighted and consistently advocated for and empowered.”

Mark and Nataly will serve as the Disneyland Resort team but are joining a global team, as there are Ambassadors at every Disney Park around the world. They will begin their roles on Jan. 1, 2022.

Congratulations to our new Disneyland Resort Ambassadors! Follow them on Instagram @disneylandambassador.



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Internet Safety isn’t Just for Kids – Why Older Adults Need Safe Surfing Practices Too

A recent study we conducted revealed Baby Boomers and the Silent Generation worry just as much, if not more, about online security and privacy than Gen Z¹.  

The FBI announced that during 2020, there were 105,301 complaints of internet fraud for people 60 years and older, totaling $966 million in losses. In our digital-first world, it’s crucial that Baby Boomers (born between 1946 and 1964) and the Silent generation (born between 1925 and 1945) – which are not digital natives – practice safe habits while online. 

Inherently, Baby Boomer and Silent generations tend to be more skeptical of online platforms tracking their data. A Forrester Research, Inc.² report showed us the majority of these two generations do not believe it’s okay for companies to track their activities across sites to receive more relevant ads. But what about the information that they don’t know is being tracked? 

October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month, so it’s a good time to revisit helpful tips to keep yourself or your loved ones from the Baby Boomer or Silent Generations to stay safe and protect your valuable, private information while on the internet. 

Prevent against password breaches

A crucial first step to protecting valuable information online is to password protect your accounts. The equally crucial second step is to ensure that your password is strong enough. AARP recommends using passwords with seven or more characters that include a number and symbol, like an exclamation point or asterisk. It’s important to vary your passwords across accounts, too. Otherwise, a hacker will have a one-and-done job after they breach a single password.

Use Two-factor authentication

To go the extra step, consider using two-factor authentication when creating your online accounts, which generates a one-time code that is sent to your mobile device or email to confirm your identity.

Don’t take the phishing bait

Another tactic that online hackers use to access your information is to send emails or text messages pretending to be someone else. This is phishing. These messages may look like they are from your boss, a family member, or even someone claiming you have won a contest. They will typically convey a sense of urgency to get their victims to act quickly and respond with personal information like their social security number (SSN) or bank account numbers (Age Safe America).

If you know to be cautious of these types of messages, you can prevent you or others from falling for phishing schemes and losing information privacy or money.

Resist the temptation to overshare on social media

Let’s talk social media. It’s fun to scroll through your feed and post photos or statuses, but you may be giving out more information than you realize. Age Safe America warns not to overshare on social media, which can occur through posting photos or statuses that contain information like your home address or place of work. Fun online quizzes, which are common on Facebook, also pose a potential danger because they may ask you to share your name, gender, birth year, etc. 

Tap into the online security features available through your internet and technology providers. At Cox, we offer tools to detect and prevent cyber-attacks, blocking unknown connections and scanning for any other network threats before you ever know about them. 

The internet is a great place to research, keep up with friends and family, and stay up-to-date on current events. It’s important to stay safe while surfing the web and to ensure that our loved ones know how to protect themselves, too.

Cox Communications Customer Tracking Study, 2021
Forrester Analytics Consumer Technographics Benchmark Survey
Chanelle Hawken is Vice President of Government and Public Affairs for Cox Communications’ California region.

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Support from Disneyland Resort Helps Bring Anaheim Housing Project to Life

Disneyland Resort President Ken Potrock was on hand for the grand opening of a permanent supportive housing community for some of Orange County’s most vulnerable residents. The Disneyland Resort donated $5 million in 2019 to help revitalize the nonprofit Orange County Housing Trust (OCHT), dedicated to increasing the supply and availability of permanent supportive and affordable housing units. One of the projects OCHT provided “last-mile” funding to complete is Buena Esperanza, which converted the former Econo Lodge motel into a Spanish-styled, two-story studio apartment community for veterans and homeless individuals with mental illness.

“We are excited and proud to play a part in this incredibly important work that is helping those who face homelessness in Orange County,” Ken Potrock said Monday. “The Disneyland Resort has been a part of this community for more than 66 years – Anaheim is our home and we are committed to supporting our neighbors by continuing to invest in long-term, meaningful ways.”

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Did You Know? Character dining has returned to select dining locations at the Disneyland Resort

1. Character dining has returned to select dining locations at the Disneyland Resort

TRUE. Minnie & Friends – Breakfast in the Park, featuring an all-you-care-to-enjoy spread of morning favorites, from made-to-order omelets to Mickey waffles, has returned to Plaza Inn on Main Street, U.S.A., with more locations reopening soon!

Fans of “Mickey’s PhilharMagic” will be tapping to a new song with the debut of an animated scene based on Disney and Pixar’s “Coco.” The film’s fun, upbeat music and characters combined with the humor of Donald Duck marks the first time Disney and Pixar animators have worked on a creative endeavor where characters from both animation studios will be seen together on screen. (Disney Parks)

2. A scene from the Disney film “Moana” was added to “Mickey’s PhilharMagic” in Disney California Adventure park.

FALSE. Experience the new scene from Disney and Pixar’s “Coco” in 3D with Donald joining in on the fun during “Mickey’s PhilharMagic.”

3. Disneyland Resort cast members have access to Talkspace, a convenient, personal, and professional online messaging therapy service.

TRUE. With Talkspace, cast members can speak with a dedicated licensed therapist anytime, anywhere through the Employee Assistance Program.

4. Guests will soon get to be pampered from head-to-toe in a tranquil sanctuary at Tenaya Stone Spa.

TRUE.  Opening on Sept. 16, 2021, this upscale spa is nestled in Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel & Spa near GCH Craftsman Grill. Tenaya Stone Spa will initially be for guests of the three Hotels of the Disneyland Resort, and will be open to non-hotel guests at a later date. Advanced reservations can be made today on

5. Since 2017, Disneyland Resort has provided over 50 career development sessions.

FALSE. The resort has provided more than 100 career development sessions, including 36 Speakers Bureau sessions, 61 professional workshops, and 13 Y.E.S. programs to workforce development nonprofit partners in the community.

6. Hotel guests are able to check in online and will soon be able to go straight to their room upon arrival with a digital key.

TRUE. Guests must be signed into their Disney account on the Disneyland app to access the digital key feature. Online check-in is available at all three hotels of the Disneyland Resort, and digital key will soon be available at both the Disneyland Hotel and Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel & Spa, with Disney’s Paradise Pier Hotel joining later.

Plaza de la Familia at Disney California Adventure Park celebrates the spirit of Dîa de los Muertos Sept. 3-Nov. 2, 2021, plus decor and entertainment inspired by Disney and Pixar’s “Coco.” Among the activities to enjoy are “A Musical Celebration of Coco,” an entertaining street show honoring the beloved film and the everlasting bonds of family. (Joshua Sudock/Disneyland Resort)

7. Plaza de la Familia at Disney California Adventure park celebrates the spirit of Dia de los Muertos Sept. 3-Nov. 2, 2021, plus decor and entertainment inspired by Disney and Pixar’s “Coco.”

TRUE. Among the activities to enjoy are “A Musical Celebration of Coco,” an entertaining street show honoring the beloved film and the everlasting bonds of family.

8. For the 2020-2021 school year, Disneyland Resort paused its virtual workforce development program.

FALSE. Disneyland Resort pivoted its workforce development program and was able to provide 35 virtual sessions during the 2020-2021 school year.


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Cast Life: How This Disneyland Resort Cast Member is Mastering His Mental Health

Understanding our mental health has been a priority for many people over the past year, including Eric Davis, a parade support cast member at the Disneyland Resort. This past year, while Eric worked with a therapist through Disney’s free Employee Assistance Program, he also discovered that he wants to become a therapist himself.

“I’ve always been go, go, go,” Eric explained. “During the pandemic, I was able to finally stop and reflect and say, ‘OK, what do I want to do when I grow up?’” A particularly insightful session with his therapist led to a lightbulb moment. “She stopped mid-session and said, ‘Wait. Have you thought about doing this as a career?” Eric recalled. “I was sort of blindsided but then I thought about it and it actually sounded like a perfect fit.”

Just a few weeks later, Eric enrolled to get his Master’s in Marriage and Family Therapy at Brandman University through Disney Aspire, Disney’s educational investment program for hourly cast members. Eric was able to start his program online last fall and is on track to graduate in 2024. And with the support of his leadership at Disney and his friends and family, Eric finally feels like he’s on the right path. “I’ve plugged Aspire [to other cast members] for years, but I never took advantage of it because I couldn’t figure out what I wanted to do,” Eric shared. “It was one of those happy accidents where this would have never happened if we hadn’t gone through a pandemic.”

Eric’s journey with mental health has helped inform his personal style as a future therapist and he’s especially looking forward to being a safe space for members of the LGBTQ+ community. “My therapist told me that there’s not enough LGBTQ+ therapists or enough male therapists,” Eric said. “By bringing my authentic self into my practice, I’m going to be able to help so many people because I will be a resource that doesn’t exist right now.”

In the meantime, Eric will continue to advocate for mental health and the resources available through Disney to his fellow cast members. “Our mental health is just as important as our physical health,” Eric shared. “It’s essential to make sure cast members know to take advantage of the resources the company offers and take time for themselves.”

Disney Aspire is an educational investment and career development program for eligible hourly full-time and part-time cast members and employees — opening up opportunities for them through education and continuing to invest in them after graduation to truly help them get to where they want to go… whether at Disney or beyond.

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South Coast Plaza reopens Monday, June 1 with most amenities shut

  • The carousel at South Coast Plaza in Costa Mesa will remain closed even as the retail center reopens June 1. (Photo by Drew A. Kelley, Contributing Photographer)

  • South Coast Plaza in Costa Mesa is void of customers after a rise in COVID-19 cases on Monday, March 16, 2020. (Photo by Drew A. Kelley, Contributing Photographer)

  • Sound
    The gallery will resume inseconds
  • South Coast Plaza in Costa Mesa is void of customers after a rise in COVID-19 cases on Monday, March 16, 2020. (Photo by Drew A. Kelley, Contributing Photographer)

  • South Coast Plaza in Costa Mesa lacks customers after a rise in COVID-19 cases on Monday, March 16, 2020. (Photo by Drew A. Kelley, Contributing Photographer)



The giant South Coast Plaza retail center will reopen Monday, June 1 with limited hours and many of its amenities sidelined to ease shoppers’ concerns about the novel coronavirus.

The Costa Mesa center quietly announced details of the reopening on its webpage late Thursday, May 28. California’s easing of stay-at-home orders now allows indoor malls to open. The mall closed March 16 after learning a store employee had contracted the virus.

“The health and safety of everyone in the shopping center is our top priority,” the South Coast Plaza’s website states.

The center’s plan gives shoppers a preview of what mall life could be like in the pandemic era.

Operating hours have been shortened, beginning at 11 a.m. and closing at 7 pm, Monday through Saturday, and noon to 7 p.m. on Sundays.

Customers are advised to check individual shops and restaurants to see which ones would be open. Many indoor malls have reopened their shopping halls in the past week, but many merchants were not yet ready for business.

Visitors to South Coast Plaza should bring a face covering or mask. It’s required in the parking lots, to enter the mall and in stores. Costa Mesa and the county both require masks at most indoor facilities open to the public. The mall will offer free masks to customers who need one.

How South Coast Plaza handles its reopening will be carefully watched in the shopping center industry. The mall, which caters to high-end shoppers, is known to be a cutting-edge provider of customer service.

For example, South Coast Plaza’s reopening notice cited a new “state-of-the-art air treatment system” and intensified cleaning efforts, especially in high-touch areas. Hand sanitizer stations are placed in high traffic areas, and mall personnel will help manage social distancing along with signage encouraging visitors to keep 6-feet apart.

Attention, real estate watchers: Sign up for The Home Stretch newsletter. It’s a free, twice-weekly review of what’s important for housing around the region. Subscribe here!

Services such as valet parking and holding packages are shut, but the SCP2GO curbside pickup service remains active. Many common areas where the public gathered are closed, including the popular carousels.

The mall reopens in a tough environment for shopping centers. The pandemic has spooked shoppers — skittish about spending with record-high unemployment — and shattered the finances of many merchants — the folks who pay mall owners’ rents.

Real estate analysts at Green Street Advisors estimated mall operators nationwide collected about 25% of the rent they previously got and “collectability of unpaid rent will be tough.” That’s a key reason why the typical mall’s value has been cut by 25% this year.

It may not get better soon, Green Street wrote, as “retailer rent-paying ability could be impaired for years following this crisis.”

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Memo says Gov. Newsom will order all beaches closed

By Adam Beam and Stefanie Dazio

SACRAMENTO — Gov. Gavin Newsom will order all beaches and state parks closed Friday after tens of thousands of people flocked to the seashore last weekend during a heatwave despite his stay-at-home order, according to a memo sent Wednesday evening to police chiefs around the state.

Eric Nuñez, president of the California Police Chiefs Association, said it was sent to give chiefs time to plan ahead of Newsom’s expected announcement Thursday.

A message to the governor’s office seeking comment wasn’t immediately returned.

Newsom this week targeted beachgoers in Orange and Ventura counties, calling them an example of “what not to do” if the state wants to continue its progress fighting the coronavirus. While many beaches and trails throughout the state have been closed for weeks, others have remained open with warnings for visitors to practice social distancing and more have reopened.

In Newport Beach, some 80,000 visitors hit the beach over the weekend, although lifeguards said most people exercised social distancing. With criticism swirling, the Newport Beach City Council met Tuesday and rejected a proposal to close the beaches for the next three weekends.

Nearby Laguna Beach approved a limited reopening. Beaches across San Diego County reopened Monday, with a few exceptions.

The Laguna Beach Police Department is working with the city’s Marine Safety Department to interpret the memo, Police Sgt. Jim Cota said.

The governor’s order is sure to draw fire as pressure is building to ease restrictions and slowly reopen the state. Virus hospitalizations have been virtually flat for several weeks in California and the state has dodged the dreaded massive surge of patients experienced by New York and several other states.

This is not going to end well.

Californians are not children you can ground when they don’t “behave” the way you want.


— Melissa Melendez (@asmMelendez) April 30, 2020

Orange County Supervisor Don Wagner said in a statement he believes Newsom has the power to close beaches in the county, but “it is not wise to do so.”

He said Orange County residents have been cooperative with state and county restrictions.

“I fear that this overreaction from the state will undermine that cooperative attitude and our collective efforts to fight the disease, based on the best available medical information,” his statement said.

Dazio reported from Los Angeles.

Register reporter Eric Licas contributed to this story.

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